Day 122, Ik 5: Master Your Life

Day 122, Ik 5: Master Your Life “…Many of you blindly accept what you hear in one pulpit while denying words uttered by others… objectively consider what beliefs you would hold if you were raised in a culture vastly different from what you have experienced… Attempt to wipe your slate clean, delve deeply into the mysteries of the uni-verse and choose those that express kindness and love to all of humanity, nature and the uni-verse in which you reside. Truly you are “sons of God” with the wisdom to find the truth that will set you free.” Read this message in its entirety at:


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I know that many of you have busy lives and are unable to take the time to read each day’s message in its entirety. Thus, when able, I will post a daily short version of the current day’s message that you can have directed to your personal email. I will also add the “shortie” in the comments section on the corresponding page.

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Have a blessed week!

Reverend Theresa Crabtree


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