Day 159,Cauac 3: Physical Ascension

Physical Ascension “…leave behind the things that keep you locked into negative thought patterns and fear-based actions… observe and pay attention to things you say and do… daily reflect on your activities… be filled with gratitude… do not punish yourself with feelings of shame and guilt… start each day anew, firmly stating your intentions for the day… write down the things you wish to change and review them often…” For more pointers and understanding of “ascension,” read this Mayan Message in its entirety at:


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  1. Thank you for your kind words and for telling others about the Mayan Messages. I like to say they are co-created… partly from my experiences… yet, the writing came to me swiftly from a source calling themselves the Mayan Day Keepers… from the “Other Side.” I feel like this was something I contracted to do before entering this incarnation… and notes like yours and letters from inmates who are making life changes is what keeps me going. So far, I have donated copies to over 460 prison libraries and over 80 inmates. If you have time, check out my other writings at:


  2. These are really beautiful messages each day that you write, they are really uplifting to me, I hope everyone in the group finds them as inspiring to read as I do. I’m so grateful I found you and ask you to be there, I even forgot how I did it now but I do know there is nothing like coincidence. Everything happens for a reason….I have a pretty good following on my e-mail list, before FB we used to send jokes and all kinds of stuff through e-mails lol. I’m going to share these with all the people on my e-mail list, I know there’s a lot of them that will love these just as much as I do. Where do you get this information that you write..what inspires YOU to write all this? Is it some higher power behind it? I know when I look at people and just can give them as reading about themselves, I don’t know where the information comes from…it’s really a strange feeling just like when you know when you can send healing energy too. May God or the Goddess bless you.


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