INTEGRATION “You come to Earth with a spiritual GPS system. When you make a wrong turn, you receive a warning that you are off your chosen Path. It will then set up a new route to get you back on track. You can always exercise free will and turn your GPS off. This is akin to not following your intuition or synchronicities. Maybe you intentionally choose another path or set of experiences. The GPS has no judgment regarding your changed destination. It simply creates a new path for you to follow. However, if it is too far off the Path you chose before incarnation, you will continue to get reminders that you are off Track.” To read more about how to integrate polarity issues, scroll to DAY 42 at:

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  1. Posted by Sonia on May 12, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Thank you for the message for today sweet Theresa Crabtree 🙂

    Today is Mothers Day in Uruguay and this Message is for me a beautiful Gift, according to the stage of my path.

    A Big Hug of Light for you dear Divine Soul from a White Rhythmic Wind women,


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