The Path to Mastery: Day 64, Kan 12

THE PATH TO MASTERY “True Masters assist those who come to them; they do not seek the audience of others. They listen intently and offer advice only when asked. Many times the Master does not offer anything more than a question such as, “What do you think is best?” This allows the seeker the opportunity to use his capabilities to resolve his own problems. Thus a new Master is born, one who has the ability to take control of his own life, regardless of what others think. When you have mastered your own life, others who are ready to do the same will seek you out for advice and support. Like attracts like. When it matters not to you if others follow your advice, then know you are on your way to mastery, for no one else will be able to influence who you are. You will have become your own Master!”  Read this important Message in its entirety by scrolling to DAY 64 at:


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