Uncovering Belief Codes: Day 77, Caban 12

UNCOVERING BELIEF CODES “Many belief codes are set up as a form of protection or reaction to unpleasant events. They may not be relevant to your life today. When these buttons are pushed by others, it sometimes leads to confusion. You wonder to yourself, why did that bother me so much? When these thoughts arise, take time to go within and try to find when they first started. You may need to uncover layers of codes and negative thinking as you go. You can now look at the belief codes in a more mature manner. You can start weeding out the things you say and do that no longer fit into your paradigm.” This Message offers a meditation and more information on how to release unwanted belief codes, scroll to DAY 77 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-71-80/


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