New Thoughts, New Beginnings: Day 81, Imix 3

NEW THOUGHTS, NEW BEGINNINGS “No matter what your religious or spiritual background, your lives will be enhanced when your thoughts center on paying attention to the divinity within each of you rather than on your differences. Life will be lived in a more loving manner when each of you sets aside your differences and learns to love one another. If your thoughts take you to places not in alignment with the life you choose, think again. You may say it is too tedious to monitor your thoughts. We would answer by asking you to look at how tedious your life is when you DON’T monitor your thoughts. We encourage you to go within each day and look at those places where you focus your attention and change your thinking in areas that do not resonate with you. Strive for joy and joy will be yours!” To read more of how your thoughts create your reality, scroll to DAY 81 at:


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