Love and Gratitude Exercise: Day 82, Ik 4

LOVE AND GRATITUDE EXERCISE “Focus on your breath. When you inhale, visualize breathing in love and kindness. When you exhale, release tension and thoughts or emotions that drain your energy. Continue with this pattern for a few minutes until you feel deeply relaxed. Then for several inbreaths, think of something or someone for whom you are grateful. On the outbreath, send this person a feeling of love and gratitude. Do this for another 5 to 10 minutes, each time focusing on the same person, event or place that comes into your mind. If there is someone or an event you are attempting to release issues with, you may choose to spend the entire session focusing on this person or event only. Eventually, you will come to a place of forgiveness and be able to send them love freely. By doing this practice on a regular basis, you will begin to pay more attention to positive things around you. Every moment your mind is focused on things that cause you joy, is a joy full moment, indeed!” To read more about setting up sacred space, scroll to DAY 82 at:


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