Befriending Your Dragons: Day 83, Akbal 5

BEFRIENDING YOUR DRAGONS “The following are some layers to address in order to change belief codes and heal wounds from past experiences… Forgive your perpetrators. Know that all persons are operating to the best of their ability, even though they may be choosing things that are not for the highest good for themselves and all concerned. Allow all persons to be who they are, whether or not you are in agreement with their behaviors. Release all judgment of people, places and events. Release any feelings of victimhood. Recognize the blessings in all situations, no matter how horrendous. Change all negative thoughts aimed at yourself and others. Stop re-telling stories that keep your unresolved issues alive. Face buried fears and emotions and replace them with love.” This Message includes a healing meditation and focuses on how to heal past wounds and recognize archetypes that occur during meditation and dream time. To read the rest of the Message, scrolll to DAY 83 at:


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