Move Beyond Lack: Day 93, Ben 2

MOVE BEYOND LACK “Lack not only refers to monetary wealth, it also permeates feelings of being successful or notable. Lack is an attitude that can be changed with different thinking and a few behavioral changes. Lack is deeply ingrained in many societies, making it difficult for those who are breaking out of the old paradigm. This world has an unsurpassed amount of abundance available to you. Expand your worldview and way of thinking and allow yourself to flow with nature and enjoy the blessings offered freely to you. Return to your roots where life is simpler, less stressful and full of healthy food and family values. Gather with like-minded souls and create communities in which you support and nurture each other. These communities can provide great wealth in food, knowledge and love. What better commodities can you think of?” Read all 260 Mayan Messages at:


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