Overcoming Obstacles: Day 94, Ix 3

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES “The best choice you can make with any pattern you wish to change is to stay in the moment. Be alert to what you are thinking, saying and doing in each moment. As each of you learns to appreciate the blessings in the current moment, you will realize how rich you are and how splendid the world is. List the behaviors and patterns you wish to change and visualize yourself responding in the manner in which you would prefer until they become habitual. As you walk your Path, you will need to change the habits that do not support your new belief codes. Do all in joy and do not beat yourself up when you falter.” This Message includes a wonderful analogy and more info on how to overcome and avoid obstacles. Read the rest of the Message by scrolling to DAY 94 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-91-100/


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