Response Ability: Day 114, Ix 10

RESPONSE ABILITY “How can you empower yourself? By taking the time and energy to create the reality that serves your needs. Learning to be selfish is the first step. You have been trained to take care of other’ needs above your own. Yet to live a balance life, you must take care of your own needs first. How can you have the time and energy to assist others when you are depleted? How can you love others until you love yourself? How can you love yourself when you don’t even know who you are? First you must re-discover your Self and find out what you really want to experience in life. Do you have talents you are not honing or using because you spend so much time attending to others’ needs or doing things you really do not enjoy? Do you treat your body like a temple? Do you surround yourself with family and friends who suck your energy? It is your ability to respond (response-ability) to challenges set before you that will create your life experiences.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to DAY 114 at:


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