Fine Tuning: Day 115, Men 11

FINE TUNING “Most of you have a variety of emotions and find yourself going from one feeling to another. Yet in any moment, you can have only one clear frequency.  If you are angry at your friend, it is more difficult to hold feelings of love for your partner. How often have you snipped at one person because you were upset with another? You can have two radios playing different stations, but it causes an overlapping of chaotic sound.  However, if you have two radios playing the same station, there is no static; many times, they enhance each other as the sound permeates a wider range. Thus, when you experience true love on a constant level with one person, it is much easier to feel this love towards others. Holding this frequency is the trick. This is why we stress monitoring your thoughts, words and actions. Release the things that keep you from being balanced and having the ability to love all unconditionally, every moment of your life.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to DAY 115 at:


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