More Than a Human-Be-ing: Day 123, Akbal 6

MORE THAN A HUMAN BE-ING “Whenever you have an experience that leaves you feeling anything less than peaceful, take time to look at the event and uncover the reason why you are off balance. Your emotions are an excellent barometer to awaken you consciously to areas in your life that need to be addressed. Each of you is on a Path of ascension. If you resist words such as ascension, interject the words “be-ing a kinder person” and say the same thing. Each of you is on a Path to be-ing a kinder person. We are here to support you. It is our desire to reach all of you, but with the use of words, it becomes difficult, for many of you are locked into a specific vernacular and push away thoughts of equal value because of the terminology. We suggest that each of you open yourselves to the possibility of the truth that we and others speak, not shutting them out because they are of a different religion or speak words that are different from what your group uses. Find the commonalities between you and have the courage to openly question each other’s beliefs. In so doing, you may find you will have a deeper understanding of each other and some of your own belief codes.” To read this Message in its entirerty, scroll to DAY 123 at:


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