The Root of All Evil: Day 128, Lamat 11

THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL “Although there are a myriad of causes of evil, we would claim that fear is the root of most evil. Understand that we do not use the term “evil” in our Realms, for we do not judge anything as good or bad. We accept all things as choices or experiences. It is up to the individual to decide which path to choose in each moment of existence. We know that each person will ultimately return to Source, bringing with him/her a wealth of experiences that each can share with the whole. Money is a human device designed to gain control over other’s assets. In ancient civilizations up to modern times, natural items were used as bartering devices. Seashells were traded for spices, furs were traded for food, etc. Money in its modern form is devoid of value in its essence. An ancient person would look at a dollar bill and shake his head in wonder at the person who would see value in it. Can you imagine trading part of your survival food for a piece of paper? It makes no sense, yet it has become a standard today. Most money is based on nothing more than thin air and a lame promise, yet everyday, millions of transactions occur using this device. There is no evil in money, yet its use is complex and subject to a major downfall in the near future. In your lifetime, there have been many countries that have lost the value of their currency. What were riches one day could not buy a loaf of bread the next. Can you see the shaky foundation your currency is based on? Then why make it so important in your life? Who is creating the rules and do you wish to remain a part of that reality?” To read the Daykeepers suggestions on how to solve the money problems of today, scroll to Day 128 at:


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