Responsible Sex: Day 129, Muluc 12

RESPONSIBLE SEX “Humans have the ability to create with their thoughts, words, actions and emotions. The ability to pro-create follows these patterns. Most of you come into this incarnation with a contract stating how many children you will bring into the world. Although the contracts can be revised, they generally are not. Entering in a state of amnesia many times muddles the plans of those who incarnate on Earth. Emotional pulls such as fear and lust often takes one off their Path.

Many feel tremendous amounts of guilt and shame associated with their sexual experiences. This need not be so. We encourage you to release your negative thoughts and belief codes associated with sexual activities. We do not make judgments on your choices, but wish to help you understand what is happening when you perform this act with  another. Take into account possible outcomes and choose responsibly, for you may be adding a heavy burden onto yourself, your partner and any children that may be born from this momentary act of pleasure.” To read more about the effects of sexual activities, scroll to DAY 129 at:


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