Make Joyful Noises, Day 132, Eb 2

MAKE JOYFUL NOISES  “Are you ready? Try to release all inhibitions and begin to sing. Make up words or sounds as you go. Play with the sounds. Ohhhhhmmmm. Shriek with delight. Make silly faces and movements. Get up and dance. Have fun and release yourself. Let the playful child inside come out. Invite others to do the same with you. Allow emotions to arise. Then drink plenty of pure water and relax. Sit quietly for fifteen minutes, feeling gratitude for all experiences and those who have helped you along your Path. Again, allow any emotions to arise. Do this once a week and enjoy the freedom of releasing parts of you that are ready to be expressed. Do you host workshops? Include this exercise as part of your format. You will not only awaken your audience, helping them to become more alert, but you will awaken in them deep-seated emotions that are ready to come to the surface to be released. Much healing can come from this simple exercise. For more ideas, check out: Read dozens of Mayan Messages at:


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