Release Time Constraints: Day 134, Ix 4

RELEASE TIME CONSTRAINTS “Following your intuition and gut feelings is your inner guidance leading you to experiences that you have set up through your prayers and requests. Hone your ability to recognize these pulls. Watch for synchronicities that occur when you release the constraints you place on your time and allow yourself to go with the flow. You will find yourself drawn to places you didn’t plan to go. Follow these hunches and see what unfolds. Learn to observe what is happening around you and speak up, as needed, when you overhear a conversation or see a notice on a board that resonates with you. Often, it is leading you to clues to follow on your chosen Path. Many of these signs are overlooked when you keep your eyes focused on your watch!”  Ever wonder how the green lights work for you when you ask or why your watch continues to stop? Read the entire scoop by scrolling to Day 134 at:


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