Co-Creation, Day 141, Imix 11

CO-CREATION “Know that the changes you need to make in order to  increase your love vibration will take effort. Allow yourself time to experiment, paying close attention to how you feel as you do. Hold onto your vision of perfect health and harmony between others. Do your part by paying attention to what you do and say. Be a role model for others. Choose your friends wisely. Speak your truth. Walk the Path that will lead you to enlightenment. Take each step in joy, knowing that you are creating a more bountiful life on Earth for all. Formulate your plan of action. Know you are loved and blessed.” Read this important Message in its entirety at:


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  1. Good morning–I wasn’t ready to read this yesterday. I feel as though I’ve been struggling to survive for so long that the idea of making the changes that need to be made in order for us to survive are overwhelming. And yet, I know that huge change is coming, and I will either be a part of it and actually live, or I will not and struggle unto a bitter end–which of course I do not want. Thank you for waking me up this morning. When you wrote, “What is your response ability?” I knew that I should listen to this message and that I was hearing it this morning for a very real reason. Many blessings to you, Theresa–and many blessings to all who care to hear this message.


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