SYNCHRONICITIES “Pay attention to synchronicities that occur; count them as blessings as you walk along your Path. Have the courage to follow through with ideas that feel inspiring, for they are likely guideposts for you. There are times when you will falter, but you will never be lost. When you call on us for assistance, we are always near to set up new experiences in order to help you stay on your Path. You will find these guideposts in many ways. Perhaps you will overhear a part of someone else’s conversation that is relative to you, books fall at your feet, objects appear to be lighter, almost glowing, familiar scents, music lyrics with a message, websites pop up on your computer, an urge to go somewhere or turn on the television to a channel you normally don’t watch. There are many ways we attempt to reach you. If you are conscious and paying attention to what is happening around you each moment, you will notice our clues. Watch for things that seem unusual. We are here to offer our assistance and look forward to working closely with you as you choose to lighten your Path.” To read more on this subject, scroll to Day 143 at:  What ways have your Spirit Guides assisted you?


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