Breathe!: Day 161, Imix 5

BREATHE! “Breathe in and out in cycles of three. On the first inbreath, feel a sense of peace coming over you; on the outbreath, send peace back to all of creation. On the second inbreath, inhale pure love from Source feeling every cell in your body fill with love. As you breathe out, send love back to Source. On the third inbreath, inhale gratitude from Source and all Beings. Then breathe out gratitude to Source and all Beings. Continue this cycle of three breaths (in nature, if possible) as long as you can. Feel your body, mind and soul relax as you receive and send peace, love and gratitude. Throughout the day, continue to breathe in this manner as often as possible. Note how relaxed you are all day. Little things will be less bothersome. Issues will be more readily resolved. Relationships will have a loving feeling. This simple exercise is a wonderful way to relax whenever you find yourself getting off-center. Go forth and breathe in the elixir of life!” To read dozens of the Mayan Messages, go to:


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