Energy Cycles: Day 163, Akbal 7

ENERGY CYCLES “When each of you freely pursues your passion, there will be many less people needing medication for depression and other dis-eases. You were each created with the free will to explore everything your heart desires. When you succumb to the pressures of others in order to to be “proper” and deny yourself pleasures in life, you block your energy flow. Have the courage to move forward with your passion. Learn to balance these energies within yourself. Allow others to to express themselves freely, without judgment, and watch as they flourish. The separation between male and female needs to be healed. Know that all are equal. In many Dimensions, there is no distinction between male and female. This is just one more aspect of the polarity world you live in. There need not be a complete melding of the two energies, for both have specific roles. What is desirous is to blend the strengths of each in a balanced way that offers freedom to all.” For more insight into the roles of masculine and feminine energy on Earth, scroll to Day 163 at:


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