Shine Your Light, Day 177, Caban 8

SHINE YOUR LIGHT “You, as a LIghtworker, have the ability to pressure those in leadership postions to make the changes you wish to occur on Earth. There is power in numbers and as you unite with each other, with common goals, your voice will be heard. Many of your industries will crumble overnight if each of you simply says, “No more!” and stop feeding the monster. For example, the insurance industry alone fuels much of the corruption in all areas of business. What do you suppose would happen if the masses simply stopped paying their premiums? What would happen if patients only chose doctors who prescribed herbs rather than manufactured toxic drugs? What if all people refused to buy food products tainted with pesticides and herbicides? As you bond together and boycott the industries that are harmful, these corporations will either crumble or scramble to restructure. Many are already doing so. There are many who are unaware of the toxic substances they consume and the deadly impact they have on the body. Mass media advertising has many believing the lies being told. With the advent of the personal computer and accessibility of the internet, the truth can be told across the world in a moment. As more people step forward with the truth, they have the ability to offset mass marketing and reach those who are being misled. Part of the work of each Lightworker is to reach those in your network. Perhaps you are the only one who can influence your parents, your siblings, your friends and acquaintances. Take your role seriously by educating yourself and others.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to DAY 177 at:


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