Transportation, Day 180, Ahau 11

TRANSPORTATION “Your daily routine influences all of society. How often do you run here or there to pick up items rather than shopping more efficiently? If more of you were willing to walk, ride bicycles or motorcycles, there would be less need for parking lots and garages that overheat large cities. If buses were used more often, there would be much less traffic resulting in less street repairs. Carpooling decreases the impact on the environment. Many of you drive overpriced and over-sized vehicles that are not efficient. Are you driving these vehicles because they are status symbols? Do you not care about the impact the roadways and automoblies have on nature? Do you choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution? When you look at the grand design of all, there is no problem. All is well. However, as long as you choose to live in the physical realm, you are impacted by what happens in your society. How do you want your world to operate? Make choices that are good for you as well as your fellow man/woman. Get out of complaining mode and enter the realm of activation. Your life will be greatly enhanced and you will find joy in every moment.” To read this important Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 180 at:


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