Dimensional Portals, Day 183, Akbal 1

DIMENSIONAL PORTALS “People have used psychedlic drugs to experience these portals or wormholes. Many have had wonderful experiences that have led to addictions, as they prefer to escape through these portals rather than face the chaos in their lives. Many have gone insane or have died of fright during these episodes. Shamans have traditionally used this method as a means of foretelling future events or to gain spiritual insights.


Travel at your own pace. Out of body experiences can be beautiful when accompanied by your Guides and done for soul expansion. Once you have an experience such as this, your life will have new meaning and your ability to understand the Oneness of All will be greatly enhanced.

Work diligently to communicate with your Higher Self, which is your best Guide to other Dimensions and to the deeds that are most appropriate for you during your stay on Earth. Many blessings to you.” To read more about the portals, scroll to Day 183 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-181-190/


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  1. I’ve been aware of these portals since childhood, literally. But in my late teens and early twenties I used such drugs to enhance the experience….I am drug free, but it isn’t as easy to use these portals anymore and I suspect it’s because of the years of drug use. I’m able to meditate well, however, and it helps to focus on my chakras and use crystals. Guided meditations are also helping a great deal as well. I just thought I would share my experience since this was the topic, perhaps it will connect with someone–who knows.


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