There is no Ascension: Day 193, Ben 11

THERE IS NO ASCENSION “Your Realm is similar to watching a movie. When the movie is completed, you leave the theatre and continue with your life. There is no ascension process; you simply progress onward. The ascension that many of you aspire to is simply another step in your daily routine. Granted, for some, the next step will be out of your body. Yet there is no rising above or going to a higher place.

There are different Dimensions however, that exist in all places; some of them are layered in areas where you now reside. This can happen because the frequencies of those residing in these Dimensions do not interfere with one another. When one’s frequency begins to elevate, there may be times when there is a bleed through and glimpses between the Veil occurs. There is no rising above or having to perform certain deeds or needing a savior in order to reach these places.”

So what happens before and after incarnation? Read more by scrolling to Day 193 at:


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