Be Loved: Day 204 Kan 9

BE LOVED “Love is an energy that flows continuously. There is no scope to its breadth or width; it flows out like a ripple in a pond. When you focus on sending love to another, the moment you connect energetically, the love is sent. If the person you are sending loving thoughts to is open to  receiving your love, the connection will be made whether they are consciously aware you are sending loving thoughts or not.

If the person you are sending love to is not open to receiving love, especially from you, they will still be blessed by the love as it flows through them, but they will not be as enhanced as they could be  if they were more open. It is like throwing a ball to someone. They try to catch it, but it slips through their fingers. Contact was made, but it was brief and did not linger.

The love we send to you works in the same manner. Those who believe in our existence are more likely to catch the ball and coddle it. Those who are not aware of will still be touched, yet will not the receive the same blessing of basking in our love. As more awaken to our existence, the presence of love has the ability to help with your human evolution.

More people will hold this energy in their bodies and emit its essence to others. Many Emissaries of Love have held this energy during past generations. Many have now left the Earth plane, for it is time for each of you to be responsible for your actions and reactions on Earth. It is your time to coddle the ball, pass it on and show others how to catch and hold it.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 204 at:


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