Child Caretakers, Day 208, Lamat 13

CHILD CARETAKERS “It is our hope that each child that arrives on Earth comes from parents that planned their birth and await the arrival with anticipation and fully capable of loving and nurturing their baby physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If each of you holds the vision for every baby before its conception, there will come a time when it will be so. You are powerful creators and through your actions, you will be able to manifest whatever you, as a whole, choose to experience. Manifest the type of parents you wish for this world. Be a part of training the youth for parenthood. Teach them perseverance and patience. Instill in them the desire to wait for the right mate. Encourage them to avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and friends who lead them towards these things. Teach them to fill their bodies and minds with healthy nourishment, while encouraging them to find and explore those things that ignite their passion.” Read the rest of this important Message by scrolling to Day 208 at:


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