Vibrational Frequencies: Day 210, Oc 2

VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES “What is the Veil between Dimensions? Although there is no physical separation between us, you cannot see us when you are vibrating at low frequencies. As you raise your vibrational level, you will have more peaks into the Other Side. Many have already had life-changing experiences when all doubts about our reality vanished in an instant.

The Veil itself is simply a frequency shift, similar to radio wavelengths. Although you cannot see the radio frequency, you can hear the music flowing on your radio. As your ability to love increases, you begin to resonate at higher frequencies. When that happens, you may find yourself in a higher Dimension. Once you arrive, if you go into fear, you may quickly pop back into this Dimension.

For more information on how the Veils work, scroll to Day 210 at:


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