Embrace Diversity: Day 217, Caban 9

EMBRACE DIVERSITY “Today we ask that you spend each moment reflecting on what brings you joy. We are not speaking of selfish moments when one subjects another to their wishes. We are speaking of moments in which one feels fully satisfied in the life they are living. Today, practice feeling joy in every moment. There will be situations that arise that in the past left you with heavy feelings of sadness, frustration, anger, etc. What we offer today is when those moments arise, look for the positive nature in them.

Feel blessed that you have the ability to be experiencing this event and express gratitude for the awareness that you no longer are the victim or hold the experience in a negative manner. In the beginning, this may be difficult, especially in situations that are emotionally charged. However, with practice, there will come a time when no matter what situation arises, you will face it, embrace it and be thankful that you have the power within you to choose how you feel about it.” Read the Mayan Messages at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com


One response to this post.

  1. I Love All your posts , dear Theresa Crabtree & have shared them often with Love & Gratitude on my FB wall. Thank you so much for offering this beautifull service to humankind. As to todays message, I am sure that its all about Attitude, if we want to create more Beauty, Love, Joy, Health & Happiness in our lifes.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder & Its all up to us, to choose Love or Fear
    in All that we do or say. Lets Create Compassion , Tolerance , Truthfullness & Integrity in all of this online communication. I am amazed to see what is possible when we open our Heart & Soul to one another. We Are ONE .

    Warm Hugzzz & Peacefull Rainbowblessings to You & All.

    In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn .
    Red Lunar Moon,
    Kin 249


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