Door of Communication: Day 221, Imix 13

DOOR OF COMMUNICATION “Within each of you is the ability to communicate directly with Source, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. The Veils between the Realms have been thinning as more humans have discovered that indeed, they can make the connection on their own. Although there are many teachers who can assist with your evolutionary process, all the truth one needs may be found within.

Learn to trust your intuition. Ask questions and seek answers. Talk to others with differing opinions, integrating those that are beneficial to you. Know that often belief codes and what feels like ultimate truth are often stepping stones to higher understanding.

Many become frustrated, wanting to know all the answers in an instant. However, when you entered this Realm, it was the journey you desired, for the destination was already in your grasp. We suggest that on your quest for enlightenment that you lighten up. Enjoy the journey. Focus on being kind and compassionate, for this is where you will find pure love.

Be grateful for every experience, knowing that each holds keys and opportunities to receive and express love. The Truth and the Path to love is very basic and simple.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 221 at:


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