Thoughts, Words, Actions: Day 225, Chicchan 4

THOUGHTS, WORDS, ACTIONS “Just as a snake sheds its skin in order to grow, you grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally when you shed belief codes, negative thinking and behaviors that keep you from shining your inner light. The easiest and quickest way to transform is to simply note when you are saying and doing things that do not reflect your true inner thoughts, then make any necessary changes in that moment.

Today, be mindful of every thought, word and action you perform. THOUGHTS: Before you lock yourself into a spiral of fear-filled thinking, stop yourself and literally, think again. WORDS: Before you utter or type a single word, T.H.I.N.K. and ask yourself if it is Timely… Honest… I (ego centered)… Necessary… Kind. ACTIONS: Consider each action  before you proceed. Does it reflect what you truly desire?

Include these disciplines each moment of every day until it becomes habitual. In so doing, you will find it easier to walk in your Truth while developing deeper relationships with those you encounter. Enjoy your day, being mindful of whom you are and express yourself in the way you wish to be treated. The law of attraction will bring unto you those things you focus your attention upon, so choose your thoughts wisely!” Day 225, Chicchan 4/ To read or purchase the Mayan Messages, visit:


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  1. Posted by ann marie castillo espinoza on November 11, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    Mayan messages changed my life!! I spent 2 and a half years incarcerated at perryville prison. Mayan messages changed My whole out look on life! Now that im out i can’t seem to find the book any were!! Is there anyone that can help me out??


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