What Role Do You Play? Day 232, Eb 11

WHAT ROLE DO YOU PLAY? ”You have within you the potential to be and do whatever you wish while you are on Earth. Only you have the ability to block yourself from your connection to All That Is. Know that within you resides all the power and energy needed to manifest the things you need and the experiences you desire. It takes diligence and patience in order to follow the path best suited for you.

Each day, look at life anew and with wonder. Remember that this world is illusory, a playground, and treat it as such. You can play the role of the good guy or the bad guy. What makes your heart sing? Be happy in all you do. Smile at strangers. Change what doesn’t work for you. Enjoy this day, being aware each moment that you are a perfect Being. Wake up to your potential. If an option you choose does not feel right, simply choose another.

You are all One, remember this and keep it as your foundation when you interact with others throughout the day. Not one among you is of more or less importance than another. Each one of you has the ability to sway thousands of others into a new way of thinking. There is nothing to do, no mission that must be completed other than to enjoy each moment in joy.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 232 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-231-240/


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  1. Thank You Beloved Theresa Crabtree. I Love to Share your Awesome messages on Facebook & Google + & Twitter & Everywhere I can. I Believe in the Power of Love & Oneness .These are Times when We are All asked to set our Priorities. We Need to Stand United on the Huge Problems that We Are All Being faced with.The Radiation of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant is the most Threatening to All of Us. Pls watch the video of Keisha Crowther : “Litte Grandmother : Tribe of Many Colors for Fukushima 2013.” She calls us all To Save ourselves & the Planet through Prayers & Using Crystalls & send them to Japan. See http://www.littlegrandmother.net. We Need To Stand United Here & Now & Act on what We Know to Be True. Love is the Greatest Power in this Universe & Together We Can Change this World. Be Love & Be Light. I Love You In All That Is. We Are ONE Heart Beating with Mother Earth & the Heart of the Galactic Centre. We Are ONE. Namaste .in Lak`ech Ala K`in. I AM. Om Shanti. Om Sai Ram. OM


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