Heaven on Earth, Day 233, Ben 12

HEAVEN ON EARTH “Greetings, dear one. We are sincerely happy to watch as many of you begin to work together in creating your new way of being on Earth. It is our desire that each of you rediscovers your true Essence and has the opportunity to experience your perfection while in physical form, for that was the original intention of the Earth and the reason most of you are currently on the Earth plane.

Many of you, especially those who are rapidly evolving to higher Dimensions, are experiencing your last lifetime on Earth. There are many who will remain in this plane, either on Earth or in the ethers, to assist those who remain on Earth after the Lightworkers transition to higher planes.

Enjoy each moment. Feel gratitude for every person, place and event that occurs in your life. Be observant of Nature, taking special care to impact the environment as little as possible. Treat others with respect, taking special care to listen to their needs. Encourage each other by focusing on the positive aspects of life on Earth.

Walk the Earth with bare feet. Make heart connections with everyone you meet. Forgive yourself. Do not hold grudges. Allow others to follow their chosen Path. Focus on what you wish to experience, then create it into being by making choices that lead to your desires. Selamet! Ben 12” …This Message includes many important points regarding our plane of existence. Read this Message in its entirety by scrolling to Day 233 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-231-240/


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