Joy in Every Moment: Day 235, Men 1

JOY IN EVERY MOMENT “We begin this Message with a wish for you to find joy in every moment (in-joy-ment). When you wake in the morning, feel gratitude for everything in your life, this will bring you joy. Feel gratitude for everything during your morning routine, you daily chores, giving thanks to your body, in-joy-ig the wonder of Nature, the animals, the pollinators, your home…

Joy is an attitude. It is a choice one makes every moment. The key to joy is gratitude. When you can be thankful for whatever experience you are having, your whole Being energetically opens to the possibility of feeling joy. We encourage you to spend time this week being in joy, every moment. Continue with this practice until it becomes habitual. You came from a place of joy and soon you will return to that place. In the meantime, you have the right to be filled with joy. It is your choice! Be in joy! Be joy! Men 1” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 235 at:


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