Breathing Exercise: Day 239, Cauac 5

BREATHING EXERCISE   “There are many ways to create a sense of balance and peace, even in the most trying situations. The following is one such method. Slowly take in three deep breaths. As you breathe in slowly and deeply, consciously as Source to fill your heart with love. Visualize an experience that evokes feelings of peace and love in your heart center. As you slowly exhale, release this love, allowing it to surround you and the person you are conversing with. You can also project love into any situation, person or place that is causing imbalance.

With practice, three breaths will generally be enough to get you focused, relaxed and centered. If you need more time to unwind, then do so. Every day, practice sending love to people, places and situations you find challenging. When you focus on positive attributes and sending love that has no judgment, you will become more adept at accepting every person or thing you encounter, each moment. No matter what is said or done, you will have the capacity to be graceful and in a state of peace. This is the goal.

Live in the moment, aware of your pureness and the love of Source within yourself and all others. Feel gratitude for every experience you have and allow yourself the freedom to not be shackled by anyone else’s desires or belief codes. Live the life of your dreams, be aware of your perfection in each moment and make choices that bring you joy.” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 239 at:


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