Enlightenment: Day 245, Chicchan 11

ENLIGHTENMENT “ Being aware and conscious of what you say and do is enlightening. Changing those things that no longer serve you is enlightenment… You have all you need to shed the skins of defeat and negativity. Wrap yourself in your new skin, loving every part of your new self. Share what you learn with others, giving hope that they too can shed behaviors that keep them in a state of separation. Always remember that you are fully connected to Source, not by a string, but within every cell of your body. You are a part of God, not just a son of God.

Within every element of your physical Being and energy field is the hologramic image of the One. This interweaves you will all others, for they too are a part of God. This is the Oneness we speak of. You are not just brothers and sisters, you ARE your brother, you ARE your sister, you ARE the trees, you ARE the birds. Ponder these words until you fully grasp their meaning. Selamet! Chicchan 11” To read this important Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 245 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-241-250/


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