Baggage Check: Day 248, Lamat 1

BAGGAGE CHECK “As your vibrational patterns increase, you will draw unto you similar situations and people. You will find that many things you did before are no longer appealing. You will find your relationships more enjoyable and mature, and that you spend less time with those who vibrate at lower densities. Your interests in recreation, work, where you live and what you do will begin to change as you seek higher vibrations.

You will also begin to notice changes in your choice of foods and method of living. Things that once held you captive will fall away as you learn to exercise your freedom of choice and methods of relaxation. Life will take on a new meaning as you let loose of ideas and beliefs that consume your time and energy. Your passions will blossom as you take your renewed energy and channel it into things that bring you joy and pleasure.

You will begin to understand that you are One with the universe and all of its inhabitants. Once this reality sinks into the memory of your cells, you will learn patience and acceptance of all things. No longer will you worry about the “what ifs” of future possibilities of negative occurrences. You will focus more of your energy on the “what ifs” of future possibilities of favorable occurrences.

All of these possibilities begin in this moment. What is it that you desire? What steps can you take in this moment to lead you toward your desired goal? How can you obtain these goals? Begin to walk your Path, taking side trails as desired, always returning to the main trail once you have acquired the skills and experiences the side trails offer you.

Do not concern yourself with the “what ifs” that contract your energy field. Focus only on the “what ifs” that allow you to expand. It is YOUR time to fly. Enjoy life to the fullest. Be kind and respectful to yourself and others. Know that your destiny is in your hands. There are many of us on the Other Side that welcome every opportunity to assist as you make choices that lighten your burden. Come fly with us through eternity as we move ever closer to living the way Source intended, with pure Love for all. Selamet! Lamat 1” To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 248 at:


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