In the Beginning: Info for the New Year



This day, December 17, 2013 marks the beginning of yet another Tzolkin cycle of 260 days. This day’s message is “In the Beginning.” It is a long message, for the Day Keepers also give information on how the universe operates and sets the stage for how to use the sacred Mayan Tzolkin count of days to create the life of your dreams.

The following is the last paragraph of this day’s message. “As you work diligently on yourself, you will be filled with more joy and vitality than you could ever conceive. Those who are not fully tuned into their Higher Selves or Spirit Guides will have the opportunity to do so. From our perspective, we know and understand that you must be the peace you want to feel and you must be the love you wish to experience. Go forth this day as a newborn, observing all with wonder and without judgment. Many of us have walked the Path you currently walk. We are here to support you and are excited to embark on this journey with you! Selamet! Imix 1”

On each day that begins with “1” is also the beginning of a Trecena or 13 day cycle. The Day Keeper overseeing the “1” days, also leaves his energetic mark on the following twelve days. Thus on each day, there is the main Day Keeper and secondary Trecena Day Keeper.

Therefore this Trecena is overseen by the Day Keeper, Imix, who is symbolically represented by the crocodile. As the first Trecena in the new year, like the primordial crocodile, Imix about new beginnings. These are days of introspection deciding what is worth tackling before taking on any more new projects. They are also days for soul-searching and weeding out relationships and situations you have outgrown. This Trecena is also about family and nurturing oneself.

I highly suggest making the Tzolkin a prominent part of your daily routine. Most of us know that our current Gregorian calendar is not a true replica of the holiest of days. Yet forced upon the people as a means to eradicate all those who follow the natural rhythms of Mother Earth. The Tzolkin is one of those nature based cycles, ancient on earth, coming from beyond, beyond not created by mere mortals.

To order your copy of the Mayan Messages in paperback or eBook, visit: Or you can read the current Trecena’s Messages by scrolling to Day 1 at:

The Mayan Messages have also been donated to 1060 prison libraries and over 300 inmates. Most of these funds have come from my own pocket, which is now empty. If the Messages touch you, consider donating so that our brothers and sisters who are waking up while incarcerated can receive a copy to aid their spiritual journey. For more information, visit:

Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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