Not-LoveL Day 2, Ik 2

NOT-LOVE: Day 2 ..Although this Message is about “Not Love,” I will be focusing on the positive aspects of what each of us can do from a space of love in this short summary. “In order to create a world of love, release the fears that keep you from being constantly filled with love and light. This is the purpose of the Mayan Messages. We are here to assist you in reaching your goals. It is our desire that each of you enhances your life by choosing acts of kindness and expressions of love.

We encourage you to consider choosing love and kindness in all situations. Love is the key to joy; all else is temporary happiness. Each one of you that practices inner peace and kindness toward others, moves all Beings one step closer to Heaven on Earth. Take time each day to reflect on your thoughts, words and emotions. Be mindful of your actions and reactions.

The first step in any healing process is to be aware there IS a problem. The next step is to find solutions to those problems. You have everything within yourself to create a balanced and centered life. Consider these words as you go about your day. Selamet! Ik 2”

I encourage you to read this Message in its entirety by scrolling to Day 2 at:

Many blessings, Theresa Fleckenstein Crabtree


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