Human Evolution: Day 9, Muluc 9

HUMAN EVOLUTION “All humans are currently in a state of evolution. It is one of the Laws of this Universe that nothing remains stagnant. Whether each of you remains in a state of conscious or unconscious living remains to be seen. It is a choice.

Love of self and others will break the belief codes that create your current life patterns. Compassion, learning to treat all with respect no matter what they say or do, is the first step. Kindness, accepting all people regardless of how they treat others, is the second step. Forgiveness, allowing others to experience whatever they choose without judging them, is the third step.

No one knows fully what fears or belief codes others are working with. No one has control over what another person believes or chooses to do. No one has the right or ability to take away the free will of another soul. The act of trying to force or manipulate others into changing their beliefs and actions is the crux of the problems within your societies today.

There is not one of you that cannot forge through old habits and belief codes and live the life you desire. However, it takes courage and action. Your reaction to what occurs around you is a measure of your spiritual growth. When you falter, get up and try again. Have faith that you can attain anything you set your attention on.

Take a good and honest look at where you are currently spending your emotions, time and energy, then cut back on unnecessary expenditures. We encourage you to dream your highest vision, then live it. Remember, you are always evolving, there is no right or wrong, your world is simply full of possibilities to experience. Begin in the present moment for that is where the presents are!” To read this beautiful Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 9 at:


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