Nurture Your Self: Day 10, Oc 10

NURTURE YOUR SELF “When you nurture yourself, you will feel healthier and more vibrant. When your physical state is in balance, you will become mentally alert and invigorated. This mental state of balance overflows into your emotional health, leaving you with the time, energy and desire to nurture your Spiritual Essence.

Not until all four aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self are intact, can you truly nurture others. Then you can be of service to others in a more beneficial way. You will more likely be effective and nourish their needs, rather than coming from a place of co-dependence, neediness, guilt or shame.

Heaven on Earth can be obtained when each of you treats yourself and others in a balanced way, coming from heart connections that nurture all. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of monitoring your thoughts, words, actions and emotions. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to de-glop these energies, so why create them in the first place?

We bless you and commend you for your efforts in this lifetime. You have demonstrated tremendous growth simply by being open enough to read these words today. We appreciate the time and effort you take to continue to grow in loving and positive ways. Not only do you nurture yourself, but you nurture each one of us in the higher Dimensions as well. Thank you for all you do! Oc 10”
To read this inspiring Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 10 at:


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