The Child Within: Chuen 11, Day 11

THE CHILD WITHIN “Discover your child within and let your full Self come out to play. Pay attention to what you use, how you eat and the way you treat each other. Choose kindness and love for all things in every decision you make. Take time to remove your masks of fear and shame. Let go of all harsh feelings you harbor against others. Take responsibility for what you eat and for your health. Choose jobs that give you joy.

Learn to love yourself. Make love to those you love. Be selective when bringing children into the world. How much better this world would be if you returned to the simple act of loving your babies unconditionally. This cannot happen until you love yourselves unconditionally.

You can do it! Each and every one of you has the ability to go within and do some major housecleaning. Dust off the cobwebs of disillusionment, sweep away thoughts of low self-esteem and mop up all those memories of sadness and despair. It is time to wash your windows and let your light shine. Dismantle the walls of protection and drain the moat of fear, allowing others to enter your domain.

As you practice new behaviors with an attitude of self-love, you will find it easier to allow yourself to both give and receive fully. Your need to judge others will fall to the wayside. Your ability to appreciate others will significantly increase. Maintaining a state of peace no matter what happens around you will become second nature. Life will become more meaningful. Your creative juices will overflow as you become more aware each moment of your life. Then you can live in the Garden of Eden without fear of banishment.”
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