Diet Affects Spiritual Growth: Day 14, Ix 1

DIET AFFECTS SPIRITUAL GROWTH “This is an important Message that is too lengthy for a Facebook entry. You would do well to read it in its entirety at the address included below. Here are a few highlights: “Special weight loss diets focus on reducing calories by suggesting the use of diet products. Indeed, there may be fewer calories in these substances, but the amount of toxins can be staggering. Do careful research on these products, paying close attention to who is funding the research.

Know that each body system is unique. What is healthy for one may be highly allergic to another. One major difference has to do with cultural genetics. Caucasians are different from Africans. It is easy to see differences in the outer shell, isn’t it likely that the interior of these two races are different in their needs and ways they process foods? In the beginning, of human creation, your bodies were designed to eat the foods native to the place where your culture resided.

It is no wonder that drug addictions are on the rise. In many cases, your body yearns for a “high.” Your body contains several survival instincts, as you continue to ingest foods that are toxic and have little to no life force… It’s all about frequencies.

What we want to bring to your attention is the effect toxic food and substances have on your ability to bring forth your innate shamanic skills. Your psychic and intuitive skills are massively distorted by the toxins you intake. Life is full of magic when you properly care for your body. There is work that each of you can and must do in order to create Heaven on Earth. It all begins with you, taking care of yourself. In order to obtain full shamanic abilities, you must vibrate at a higher frequency. It can happen once you take full responsibility for your own actions and choose what is healthy for you.

There is an old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We remind you that if that apple is genetically modified, sprayed with toxic substances, then processed in ways that kills all the nutrients, it will NOT keep the doctor away!” Read the rest of this important Message by scrolling to Day 14 at:


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