Hurry Up by Slowing Down: Day 19, Cauac 6

HURRY UP BY SLOWING DOWN “If you feel the need to hurry your ascension, we would suggest your quickening be focused inside rather than upward. Take time to look at how you can be part of the soul-ution when it comes to creating Heaven on Earth. It is you who has allowed your representative leaders to gain control over your lives. You are responsible to reclaim your self-empowerment. Now is the time. Take charge of your life by learning to respect yourself and your neighbors. Move past the walls of fear that you have built around yourself as invisible shields of protection. It is not through isolation that you will create a utopian society; it is through teamwork based on love. Be in joy and create peace within yourself!” There are many other important considerations in this Message. Read it in its entirety by scrolling to Day 19 at:


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