The Power of Now: Ahua 7, Day 20

THE POWER OF NOW “Often, we witness negative emotions attached to an ending. Whether it is a death, the end of a job or project, graduations, etc., many times there is sadness mingled with celebration. There is nothing wrong with feeling any emotion, however, many times there is a prolonged grieving or unresolved anger associated with the event. These low vibrational feelings are often kept alive as one complains to another over and over again. These repeated negative thoughtforms glop together, creating layer upon layer of low energy that eventually goes beyond emotional dis-ease, causing physical disease.

Are you still complaining about the time you got fired? Are you still bad-mouthing people you ended relationships with? Do birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or the end of the year leave you with a sense of emptiness? Look at the endings in your life and isolate those which have feelings of discomfort attached to them.

Open your mind and allow yourself to look objectively at the new beginning that was allowed once the door to the prior event closed. Perhaps you were jolted out of your routine and found a better job. Maybe you now choose better friends. Look for the blessings you experienced in the new year.

Gratitude in all things, especially those causing dis-comfort, can throw open the doors to future joyous possibilities, making all seem brighter and lighter. No matter what is happening in your life, your attitude towards it is YOUR choice. Often, belief codes are changed on whims, without looking deeply into why you held the previous belief. As long as you are easily swayed back and forth by others, your life will be like a ship in a storm, being tossed to and fro causing you to become imbalanced and to feel ill.

Make your choices in the moment. Pay attention to ways you can create joy and peace each step along the way. Know that each door that closes will open doors to new possibilities. Having gratitude for every person and experience you encounter will help you to grow and to have the courage to move forward with ease. Releasing fears along the way will make your goal of a fulfilled life more awesome than you can imagine. The ethers around you are filled with infinite possibilities. Dream big, follow your intuition and watch the magic unfold!”

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