Infinite Abundance: Day 21, Imix 8

INFINITE ABUNDANCE     “In the ethers, there are tiny particles of no-thing-ness that at any moment can be activated and manifested into anything your heart desires! Once you have a true grasp that all literally is One, you will better understand how to create Heaven on Earth.

Due to the nature of free will, many so called “negative” events have been allowed to happen, for all on Earth is a Grand Experiment. Can there truly be free will if you are not allowed to experience bad as well as good? There is nothing we deem as negative; however, we recognize that actions not for the highest good of all slow the evolution towards Oneness. Reach beyond the illusion and regain knowledge of your true potential to live freely with great joy and abundance!

There is never only one solution to a problem. There is forever the ability to create infinite resources. We ask that you take into account what is in your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. You are deserving of far more than you currently allow yourselves.

Many walk among you who have come to earth with full remembrance of their Spirit Essence to help each of you evolve more rapidly. These teachers will encourage you to spend quiet time each day reflecting on your life. They will teach you skills that will empower you to make choices as a co-creator. Listen to the advice of these highly enlightened souls, then take their information into your quiet times and practice the skills that bring a sense of peace and joy to you.

You may experience moments of unrest as you begin to realize you are fully responsible for the current situations in your life. You will also learn to release the angst you have held toward others. In this new beginning, you will start with the knowledge of the full abundance available to you in all aspects of your life. Your passion will surpass anything you have thus far experienced on earth as each of you works together to support and encourage one another.  Selamet!  Imix 8”

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to day 21 at:

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