Going Within Process: Day 23, Akbal 10

GOING WITHIN PROCESS “Focus on a belief code that no longer serves you. What is something in your life or about yourself that you would like to change? What steps do you need to take to make that change? Manifestation occurs when individuals intentionally declare and focus on something they want to experience. This can be done by stating the intention out loud, writing it down, creating a ceremony or by whatever means it takes to stay focused. Be very clear about you desire and create passion surrounding it, for passion is the energy of the emotion that fuels the process.

The goal is to remind and empower yourself so it will be easier for you to choose the most graceful steps to reach your desired outcome. Much of your success is built on your desire and emotional state. If you feel like a victim, it is likely you will never experience what you desire.


It is your responsibility to stay positive and focused. Take the necessary steps to create your desired outcome. Many times what you want does not appear in the manner you anticipate. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the coincidences and synchronicities that present themselves to you. Go forth and make this a powerful day of manifestation! Selamet!  Akbal 10”

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 23 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/mayan-message-days-14-26/


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