Changing Habits: Day 25, Chicchan 12

CHANGING HABITS “Take a few moments to quiet your inner and outer world. Take several deep breaths in and out until you are able to relax your muscles and let the weight of the world slip away. Search for something weighing on your heart you would like to change or create. It must be something in yourself, not another, for we do not work on others against their will or without their permission.

Clearly, in written form, orally, or in your mind, state your intention using a positive affirmation. The reason we ask you to make positive statements is because as Spirit Beings, we see energy patterns rather than hear your words. If you were to state an intention such as, “I don’t want to gossip anymore,” we see it as a positive statement, with gossip as the subject. We automatically assume that gossip is something you want to experience more of, for gossip is your focus. Therefore, we may set up more opportunities to gossip. In contrast, by stating the intention, ”I speak only kind words about others,” the contrast is vastly different.

By stating, visualizing and practicing what you want, you can quickly and efficiently break undesirable habits by simply doing or being what it is you wish to create. However, by stating the intention and visualizing yourself in the process of breaking the habit, you will find yourself in repeated patterns or situations that give you opportunities to practice the behavior you wish to change. This is a much longer process. Selamet!  Chicchan 12”

This Message includes a powerful example of how to break unwanted habits. Read it in its entirety by scrolling to Day 25 at:


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