Heavenly Theatre: Day 27, Manik 1

HEAVENLY THEATRE “Today we will talk about going with the flow. This time you have chosen to live on earth is extra-special and unique. No one knows what the future will bring, since you are fledglings in learning how to create your reality. We wish to assist you in avoiding the many pitfalls that lie ahead. It is easy to get absorbed in the negativity surrounding the collapse of the institutions that you, as a race, have created in the past.

Going with the flow is all-important. Watch your words, monitor your thoughts and intentionally choose your actions. Be creative. See your life as an empty canvas with the ability to choose your subject, colors and mediums. Think out of the box. Each fear or belief code that you release allows more flow into your life. Seek ways to remove layers of fear and negativity. We are here to assist you with these very things. The energy I work with is to help release the things that are a burden to you. Together, we will simply set them out to sea.

In your inner mind, visualize yourself at the seashore. You are comfy, the sun is warm and the light salty breeze is balmy. Listen as the waves gently lap on the shore. You can hear the gulls in the distance. What issues are weighing on your mind today? Bring them up, one by one and lay them onto the barge, docked at the water’s edge. Watch as the barge leaves the dock and slowly heads out to sea. As it floats away, watch it slowly dissipate, atom by atom, until nothing remains. Know that these thoughtforms have now been transmuted into pure light, returning once again to the sea of possibilities.

Now enter the water and bathe your skin and hair, a baptism of sorts, as you soak in the healing essence of the water and rinse away any residue of unhealthy negative thoughtforms. You are now whole again, ready to fill the void with new and wondrous beliefs! Take a few moments to lie on the beach, soaking up the sun’s rays as your body is warmed and rejuvenated. When you are ready, return to the present moment and begin your day anew.  Manik 1”

Read this Message in its entirety by scrolling to Day 27 at: https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com/days-27-39/    Please share these Messages with your friends. If the Mayan Messages have touched your heart, consider donating to my prison ministry, which allows me to continue sending the Mayan Messages book to prison inmates requesting them for their spiritual growth. Visit http://t-a-d-a.com/Books4Prisons.html for more information.


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