Paths of Joy: Day 31, Chuen 5

PATHS OF JOY “Many on Earth are so focused on their enlightenment and the future prospect of ascending that they totally miss all the pleasures of being in the Now. Many who are not consciously moving towards enlightenment are doing the same. It is understandable, for at this time on Earth, many cannot grasp even the basic necessities to stay alive such as food, shelter and clothing.

Look around and notice how many cheerful people there are who are in dire need. Ask them what their secret is. These people are the way-showers. They can be of tremendous value in helping you find joy in your life. There are an endless number of Paths to happiness and joy. It all comes from within, going back to the belief codes you have created and built your foundation upon. With diligence, you can break through the codes that keep you locked into sadness, victimhood and depression.

You can begin to day by calming your inner and outer world. Clear all thoughts racing through your mind. Clearly state that you intend to bring an abundance of happiness and joy into your life, NOW.

Forgiveness and release are important factors for growth. Once you have accomplished breaking through one belief code, it affects many others, and like dominoes, they begin to fall. This is scientifically proven, you can do research on the neural connectors in the brain and how they are changed when your thoughts are changed. Fascinating bodies you have on Earth!

One Path to Joy is to convince yourself that the past is history and from this day forward, you are going to chase away each negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. You will also need to monitor your behavior and change those that do not serve you. Know that you have everything within you to break these codes and live a life full of wonder, excitement, peace and joy. Selamet! Chuen 5”

To read this Mayan Messages in its entirety, scroll to Day 31 at:


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